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A great surprise and honor it was to be  interviewed by Chicago Tribune Reporter, William Hageman, for my work incorporating my love of dogs, rescues, canine massage and "paying it forward."  The article is from October 13, 2014

Welcome to
Pawsitively Peaceful Canine Massage!

Promoting the overall health

for your canine companion in the comfort of your own home!

Canine Massage is so much more than petting, it is touch with intent!

Canine Massage
manipulates skin and muscles by using specific techniques to promote healing, increase blood flow and oxygen to tissues, encourage lymphatic drainage, reduce pain and swelling and create overall well-being for our canine companions.


And...Canine Massage balances and energizes!


Canine Massage is for all stages

of your best friend's life! 


For the young pup, massage socializes him to human touch, aides in calming a rambunctious puppy, and helps with his rapidly growing body by soothing muscles after vigorous play and activity.


For the canine athlete, it prepares the dog for activity (pre-event), helps with recovery (post event) and rids his body of toxins.


For the adult dog, it helps maintain his overall health and alerts you to any changes in your dog's body.


For the couch potato, it helps stimulate muscles, as well as the lymphatic and circulatory systems.


For the senior dog, it gives him a feeling of peace and calming, it helps ease the pain of arthritis or hip dysplasia, and brings him a sense of being cared for and loved!

Massaging sweet little Minnie at the Dalmatian Rescue Reunion, October 2011

Canine massage is not a substitute for nor intended to replace veterinary care. It is not a cure  for disease or illness. It is a complementary form of health care. We recommend routine veterinary care for your dog. If your dog has any symptoms of injury or disease, please consult with your veterinarian before starting any massage program.