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Canine Massage is so much more than petting, it is touch with intent! It manipulates skin, tissues and muscles by using specific techniques to promote healing, increase blood flow and oxygen,, encourage lymphatic drainage, reduce pain and swelling and create overall well-being for our canine companions. And...Canine Massage balances and energizes!

Canine Massage is for all stages of your best friend's life! 

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Jackie Limosani
Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Healing Touch for Animals Pratitioner
E-mail: jlimosani@yahoo.com
Phone: (847) 757-6793

Each session is individualized to your dog's needs.  Canine Massage sessions are scheduled in the privacy of your home.  I believe that it is best to come to your home to assess your dog's needs and to have your dog in his or her own environment, thereby reducing stress.  A typical first session can run anywhere from half an hour to a full hour depending on your dog's tolerance and willingness for a massage. 

Initially, the session begins with us discussing your dog's overall health, activity level and your specific concerns

Overall assessment includes gentle touch using the laying on of hands and effleurage to check for hot or cold areas on your dog, as well as areas of sensitivity or discomfort.  This is followed by massage.  Depending on your dog, there are many massage techniques that I may incorporate. 

The massage session is determined by your dog.  If he decides that he has had enough or becomes an unwilling participant, I will end the session because I do not want it to be a negative experience for him.  It is important that the experience of massage is a pleasant one and I want to leave on a good note.
After the massage please make sure that there is plenty of water around for him to drink.  He may also need to go outside to eliminate his bladder more frequently than usual.  We will also take some time to discuss how the massage session went and to make plans for the future.