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Memorial Day 2012 before the Park Ridge Parade - Jackie with her three dogs: Molly (black), Oscar (black and white), and Bailey (cream)

About Us...

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had one true passion in life - DOGS! When I was growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian, but life took me down a different path. Now that path has led me back to my first love – working with dogs. My journey into the canine massage field began when two of my Standard Poodles, Bailey and Molly, were diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. With the help of my veterinarians, I learned how to give them subcutaneous fluids and how to recognize the danger signs in the early stages of a flare up. I learned more than I ever dreamed I would because of my “girls.” Still, I needed to do more for them. I began to think “outside the box” and to investigate complementary modalities (acupuncture and massage) to enhance their quality of life. Once I delved into the study of therapeutic canine massage, I was hooked! I have three Standard Poodles at home to practice on who are very willing subjects and often ask for massage. I have seen first hand the benefits of massage on my own pets and other dogs I have had the privilege to work on through volunteering for rescues and agility trials, as well as conducting demonstrations for pet parents. With all I have learned about canine physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, behavior and the benefits of complementary modalities, I will never be able to look at dogs the same way again.


After completing a 200-hour certification course and participating in a variety of seminars, I was determined to take the national certification exam and continue to advance my education and training in this field.  Now, having passed the national certification exam, I continue to further my education by taking various classes and seminars to continually learn more about our canine companions.  I believe that the more I learn, the better massage therapist I will become for the magnificent animals entrusted to my care.  I also feel it is beneficial to have many different points of view from which to learn.

For me, I know that I have truly found my passion in life!!!

I am a proud member of NBCAAM (National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage), and I will be taking my Level 4 class in Healing Touch for Animals ( this summer. 

Since passing my certification exam in February 2012, I have been busy doing demonstrations/pet parent education at Krisers Natural Pet Store (providing natural pet food, grooming and supplies), Bentley's Pet Stores, and Pet Wants in the Suburban Chicagoland area. Most of all, and closest to my heart, I have been very active with rescues massaging rescued dogs to calm them, get them accustomed to gentle human touch and to help to raise money for the rescues by donating my time and either a portion or all of the money I receive at their events by doing canine massage. I love to spend my time helping rescues. I can be found at adoption events massaging and working on the puppies and dogs so they will show their best and hopefully find their forever home. I do what I can to help raise money through canine massage and have become a vendor/partner, which becomes a win-win situation for everyone...especially the dogs! Since 2013, I have participated in events with Midwest Greyhound Adoption, Second City Canine Rescue (two years in a row), Wright Way Rescue 5K/3K Run Walk, Young At Heart Rescue Mutt Mosey, Ceasers Heaven Rescue, Almost Home Foundation 5K Walk, Chicago Pet Rescue and BFF Animal Rescue to help raise money for their rescues and bringing gentle touch to their rescued puppies/dogs.

I attended many adoption events where I would gently massage the puppies when they were squirming, timid, scared, or just needed a calming human touch. It blossomed to doing whatever I needed to do, i.e., puppy “wrangling,” picking up soiled papers, working at adoption events etc. I would often be handed a puppy/dog and told to "work my magic" on him or her. I helped calm them down and sometimes had them so relaxed that they actually fell asleep, which I would like to believe helped to get them adopted. I am beyond thrilled when a dog finds a forever home!!!


I LOVE WORKING WITH RESCUES! It gives me a great sense accomplishment and of "paying it forward" since I have three rescue dogs myself.


I have also done demonstrations for my dog training clubs and at other events. I have participated in events to help Chicago Pet Rescue and other events where I am paired with a friend, who is a human massage therapist to have a human/canine massage event.

While on vacation in Door County Wisconsin, I spent two afternoons at the Door County Human Society massaging six rescue dogs. The second day I was there, the executive director told me that the kennel coordinator reported on how calm, relaxed, and quiet they were after my first visit.


Doing massage paired with helping rescues is doing what I love the most and brings me such pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. Almost every weekend I could be found volunteering at adoption events. I brought my massage table or mat and massaged the dogs or simply did whatever needed to be done. I absolutely love what I do! My dream has always been to work with dogs. That is my true, never-ending passion!


Throughout the year I attend as many workshops and seminars as I can. I love them. I am absolutely captivated by all aspects of the canine world (health, nutrition, behavior, and everything in between). I believe that the more I learn about our four-legged furry companions, I can hone my skills as canine massage therapist and learn to understand and help the puppies and dogs in all stages of their lives.


I continue to reach out to rescues to offer my services to help their shelter and/or rescued dogs. I would hope that by massaging them, I am helping the dogs and puppies to find their forever homes (not to mention..making them feel great!)


I also have a Facebook account (Pawsitively Peaceful Canine Massage) where I post articles pertaining to the health and well-being of dogs, behavior issues, and holistic health.

Massaging Penny, Summer 2011
Working on a Dalmatian at the Dalmatian Rescue Reunion, October 2011
Conducting a pet parent education class for Rand Park Dog Training Club on Tuesday, February 28, 2012.
At Kriser's pet food store in Lincoln Park doing a canine massage pet parent education class on Sunday, March 11, 2012